- my confirmed online channels / identities, and their purpose(s) - ongoing, public draft (not all linked up yet, but presented as-is to give you an idea of the perspective).

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XV identities overview

This page / web site serves as a confirmation that the identities listed below are used by me on the locations that are linked to FROM this page.

Whenever you wonder if a (to you) previously unfamiliar identity/user account using "XV" as part of the account/channel name is actually one of "mine", then you may check that against this page/list.

My public XV identities are currently..:

  1. DenizenXV (English) - "" / Mastodon []
  2. KetilXV(Scandinavian indiepreneurship) ( (Mastodon))
  3. MiztrXV (English) (Arbolis z21 projects management) - "" / Mastodon []
  4. ZeniorXV (personal/English: Social Responsibility/Society) (Twitter / Mastodon / Hubzilla)
  5. FezkarnXV (personal/Scandinavian: Social Responsibility/Samfunnsansvar) - Twitter / Mastodon []
  6. EzqimoXV (personal/English) (Twitter / Mastodon / Youtube / Hubzilla)
  7. ContentCatXV (English) (Content Management / Community management) (Twitter / Mastodon / Hubzilla)
  8. IndiepreneurXV (personal/English: Entrepreneurship ("Indiepreneurship") (Twitter / Mastodon)
  9. PuzzlrXV (English) (Arbolis projects management)
  10. FuzboleroXV (work/Engilsh: IT strategy / IT security) (Twitter / Mastodon / Hubzilla)
  11. LeeteqXV (personal/English: Technology exploration) (Twitter / Mastodon / Hubzilla)
  12. LitekXV (personal/Scandinavian: Teknologi-utforskning) - Twitter / Mastodon []

As anyone else in the world also may choose to use such/same account/channel names, the main information here is the confirmed connection between the actual channel/account name and the link to that identity's online presence (social media link, blog/web site link).

Separating my activities into such "identities" that share a common suffix ("XV" = 15 = part of my birth date), is part of an attempt to alleviate the ever-increasing information overload by the effect of letting people read only what they are interesting in, instead of posting too many unrelated topics into 1 and the same account.

(Appending a suffix like "XV" also helps to increase the probability of that the account name(s) I would like to share across various services are actually available "everywhere", and not taken by others. Inventing strange names and/or variations of mis-pronounciation is also part of this. This is a problem for many people, one that the concept of "nomadic identity" actually solves, hence my focus/plans on (integrating (with)) the Hubzilla platform.)

Since I am bi-/multilingual, this separation of accounts/channels is also in order to let me separate content into Scandinavian vs. English "streams", which is important in order to avoid annoying readers with unwanted language posts. I can often include English posts into Scandinavian channels/streams (since most Scandinavians understand English), but the reverse is bad practise. I do not want to "pollute" my English language channels/streams with Scandinavian language posts.

Each of these identities has its own "channel" in both the up-and-coming decentralized ("next generation") social media "fediverse", plus on Twitter. The Fediverse channels are being integrated into a solution that will both save me a lot of time while also let me shape/structure/tag information in ways that will let others both save time when consuming (parts of) my content, but also equally important filter out/avoid the parts they are not interested in, thus saving their time too.

Main point being that we need to structure and collaborate about both our own contributions and the news we share, in order to help each other save time and find interesting/quality content easier (and automatic).

The ongoing automation and information overload means that we will be forced to collaborate in a struggle to save deciseconds in our daily consumption and learning/digestion of new information. Those that fail to effectively save deciseconds in the tools they use, will in practise over time accumulate much less knowledge than others, which affects many parts of life, work and opportunities. Parts of my work involves establishing a modern platform for this, within 12 defined competence areas called "MOMOC". ("Master-Of-My-Own-C" / 12 C's)("MOMOC" is my own creation.)

The most promising tool/platform for this is Hubzilla's "Nomadic identity" solution, but that platform currently lacks integration with proper / effective content management features such as Drupal7's successor BackdropCMS (.org) 'provides.

I am in the process of planning/establishing a think tank (and related projects/business areas) with an accompanying "next generation" open source platform that aims to unite content management with the Fediverse/Nomadic identity and so-called "A.I." (IMHO, "A.I." - "Artificial intelligence" is neither "artificial" nor "intelligent", so I have coined my own abbreviation / tag to replace that: #F4iAj - "Finally-Flexible-Features-For-increased-Automation", which I think is much more appropriate and accurate, reflecting the real situation we have related to "mature technology" right now.

My efforts in this direction are often using "z21" as part of their project names, where the z depends on the context and may mean "zeitgeist", "zentury" and/or "zest"/"zeal". Links to these projects will be posted here later.



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